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Grand Place voted among world’s most beautiful landmarks


The Grand Place in Brussels was selected as one of the most beautiful landmarks in the world, according to users of the popular travel website TripAdvisor. The majestic medieval square came in 13th place in the category Top 25 Landmarks of the 2016 Travellers’ Choice Awards, writes De Standaard.
The Travellers’ Choice Awards is an annual survey that takes into account millions of TripAdvisor ratings by travellers from around the world in order to determine the world’s ‘top 25’ in five categories. This year’s categories include hotels, destinations, beaches, islands and landmarks.
With its ranking as the 13th best landmark in the world, the Grand Place surpasses other major landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris (14), the Great Wall in China (16) and the Acropolis in Athens (17).

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