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More Belgians choose beer when dining out


More and more Belgians opt for beer with their meal when dining out. While wine remains the most popular beverage ordered at restaurants, beer is quickly gaining ground, according to the 11th annual Beer Barometer. The Barometer, an initiative of the Beer & Society Information Center in collaboration with Het Laatste Nieuws and, surveyed more than 9,000 consumers online.
Beer is increasingly ordered at restaurants, receptions and cocktail parties, the survey shows. Wine and bubbly are therefore gradually being dethroned of their top position, according to the Beer Barometer. When dining out, 54.5% of consumers opt for wine with their meal, while 35.5% choose beer, compared to 20% in 2005, according to the first Barometer.
The survey also reveals that the Belgian respondents prefer lager, but interest is growing in specialty beers, such as local- and Trappist/abbey beers as well as beers from the handful of small microbreweries which have popped up across the country in recent years.

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