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National Botanic Garden has world’s longest picnic table


A picnic table at Belgium’s National Botanic Garden in Meise was named the longest picnic table in the world on Sunday after a Guiness World Record adjudicator measured its 300 metres and 58 centimetres. The table was built to kick off the summer season, but also to symbolise the transfer of the Botanic Garden from federal to Flemish hands, writes Bruzz.
Staff of the Botanic Garden spent the past two weeks building the 300m-long table (pictured). “The design and construction of the table are our own. It is fitted with 70 potted plants, including ‘forgotten vegetables’ and edible flowers,” the Botanic Garden’s Manon van Hoye told Bruzz.
The picnic table will remain on the estate throughout the summer.
The official world record for the longest picnic table previously belonged to an organisation in Kuwait, which made a table measuring 194.7m.


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