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Brussels government to invest heavily in metro renewal, safety


The Brussels public transport company STIB will purchase 43 new metro trains and renew the safety signals along the metro network. The Brussels government will invest €545 million in the modernisation project, according to Bruzz. The aim is to increase the frequency of the metros, and to give shape to the planned expansion of the network north of the city.
Upon completion of the project, estimated for 2020, STIB will be able to increase the number and frequency of metro journeys and reinforce its existing fleet of 66 metro trains with 43 new ones. The Spanish company Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles was chosen as supplier, delivering the first new metro carriages in 2019.
STIB is also working to improve the safety signalisation along the entire metro network, which is necessary in order to increase the passage frequency, from an interval of 2.3 minutes to 2 minutes, and even 1.5 minutes in some cases.

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