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Job in Belgium: Junior 3D artist


Vincent, 26, from Lier talks about his job and wage

– What is your job?
– I work in an animation studio where I participate in making animation movies, animated series and special effects for live action films. My duties depend on the projects we work on. I have already a kind of experience with converting a 2D comic strip to a 3D version. For these films I work in “stereo” using special technique of the camera. So, my job is miscellaneous!

– Do you like your job?
– I love my job. It is hard work but it gives me a great sense of achievement whenever I see one of “my” films or series on TV or in the cinema. Since I was a child I was fascinated by animated films so I have found my dream job!

– What do you think of your salary?
– As a junior I am very happy with my income (€2,000 gross, €1,900 net with copyright payments, with free lunch vouchers and mobile phone). More is always welcome but I can’t complain. I live a good life, I want for nothing.

– How many hours per week do you work?
– In principle I should work 38 hours per week, but coming up to a deadline I sometimes have to work overtime.

– Do you save money?
– I try to save a few hundred euros a month. That doesn’t always work out but I do my best.

– Where does most of your income go?
– My rent followed by my train pass. Travelling every day from Lier to Ghent is not cheap, but a car would be even more expensive!

– What would you never spend your money on?
– Expensive products that are priced above their value. The first things that come to mind are cigarettes and designer products. A nice T-shirt is no less hip because it doesn’t have a designer label. Of course I’m still in favour of good quality.

– What do you like to spend your money on?
– On my hobbies, for example listening to music and going to concerts. Sometimes I have to be careful not to spend too much money on these things.

– What would you do if you won the lottery?
– That depends, of course, on how much I’d win. If it was millions I’d buy a car and then a house or an apartment. I would continue working because a dream job is not something you give up lightly.

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