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Belgian Roads: the most annoying things for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians

The survey was published by the Belgian Institute for Road Safety (IBSR) to launch the annual Mobility Week. Three groups of road users – drivers, cyclists and pedestrians were asked a simple question. What are the things that annoy you most in traffic?

Closeup portrait of aggressive male driver honking in traffic jam
So, the most the most annoying things for drivers:
– Pedestrians who cross the road without looking.
– People who cross anywhere they want, even when there’s a pedestrian crossing nearby.
– Crossing on a red light.
– Walking in the road when there’s a pavement.
– Walking in dark clothes at night.
The most the most annoying things for pedestrians.
– Standing on a pedestrian crossing, but no one bothers to stop.
– Drivers who use their phone behind the wheel.
– Parking on the pavement.
– Opening a car door without looking, something that also wound up cyclists.
– Parking on a pedestrian crossing.
The most the most annoying things for the cyclists.
– Parking on a cycle lane.
– Driving too close to a cyclist.
– Changing direction without taking account of a cyclist.
– Turning right without giving way to a cyclist.
So why is it that everyone is angry on our roads? “You can compare traffic with a jungle,” explained traffic psychologist Gerard Tertoolen in Het Nieuwsblad. “It’s about survival.”
Once we’re out in traffic, we’re fighting for our lives, he says. “As a result, our brains switch to their most primitive function. We hardly reflect – our impulses take control.”
The road safety authority is now trying to encourage everyone to be less aggressive on the roads. “Courteous towards one another” is the slogan they would like us to adopt.

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