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New Belgium ambassador to the US

Dirk Wouters has become a new ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium to the United States of America.
Ambassador Dirk Wouters presented his credentials to President Barack Obama during a White House ceremony last week.

Wouters worked since 2011 as Permanent Representative of Belgium to the EU.
Dirk Wouters is from Brasschaat in the Flemish province of Antwerp, he’s been living in New York City for five years while working with the United Nations. He speaks fluent English, Dutch, French, German and Italian.
With the new post, Ambassador Wouters officially represents Belgium’s royal family and federal government. He will work closely with the European Union and Belgium’s regional governments.
“Americans and Belgians will always stand together for freedom, for dignity and the triumph of the human spirit,” Wouters said at his inauguration ceremony. “As a founding member and host country for NATO, Belgium will remain a reliable partner for peace and stability.”

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