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Prime Minister of Belgium responds to Trump victory


Prime minister Charles Michel expressed concern about security following the victory of Donald Trump in US President election.
“I would like to express the wish that you will be a uniting president who will be open to respectful dialogue,” said Michel in a statement. “I hope that Belgium and the United States can continue to defend the same values of liberty and tolerance. I hope you will continue to support the European project and guarantee security by means of Nato,” he said.
Flemish minister-president Geert Bourgeois, stressed the importance of continuing to work together and stressed the importance of transatlantic trade relations.
“The United States is Flanders’ biggest trading partner outside of Europe,” he said. “The US has also been the biggest foreign investor in Flanders for many years. I trust that, under the leadership of President Trump, the United States and Flanders will continue to pursue close ties.”

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