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15 Brussels metro stations are now with Wi-fi


There is a free Wi-Fi on a quarter of Brussels’ metro stations now and in September all of the capital’s metro stations will be connected.
Currently, 15 the capital’s 69 metro stations have wireless internet on the platforms. They are Trône, Porte de Namur, Louise, Porte de Hal, Gare du Midi, Clémenceau, Delacroix, Madou, Botanique, Rogier, Yser, Ribaucourt, Simonis/Elisabeth, Gare de l’Ouest and Maelbeek.
However, but there is a nuance – smartphone users will not be able to access a station’s wireless hotspot when inside a train but only when at the platform or in the main area of the station.
The hotspots use the network, which exists all over the capital in streets, squares and various public buildings, serving around 4,000 users per day.

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