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UberEATS brings food to your doorstep from Brussels’ restaurants

Now you can order food from 400 of the best restaurants in city using just your smartphone, and get your meal delivered to your doorstep in just 30 minutes.
“Food is something that people are passionate about,” says Charles Van Haverbeke at UberEATS Belgium.
“It’s something that brings people together and bringing people together is one of our core values.”
All you need is to download the free app, that will allow you to browse all the restaurants that deliver to your area or search by the type of food you like.
Partner restaurants have been individually selected by UberEATS representatives and they receive constant feedback.
“We target quality and diversity – we don’t discriminate any type of food,” says Van Haverbeke.
“40,000 people in Brussels have downloaded the app and we want to offer everyone the widest variety in food options.”
After launching in 60 cities worldwide, why Brussels?
“Brussels has a huge variety of restaurants with an important food culture. With tens of thousands of people here already pushing a button to get an affordable ride, this has been a natural progression for us,” says Van Haverbeke.
“Thanks to UberEATS people in Brussels are now able to access affordable and quality food from local restaurants via the app”.

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