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Belgians wants the domain around Royal Palace in Laeken to be opened for public


On Sunday about 60 people took part in a group jog around the Belgian Royal Palace in Laeken. It was a part of an official request to open part of the domain to the public, reports De Standaard.
The initiative comes from Brussels politician Hannelore Goeman, who is supported by the Brussels mayor Yvan Mayeur and political parties Groen/Ecolo and Open VLD.
“The royal estate is enormous, but not open to the public,” explains Goeman. “The park, which is as big as 297 football fields, is located in one of the greyest and most densely populated areas of the capital.”
Goeman says her Flemish socialist party (sp.a) will submit a proposal in the House and Senate to allow public access to the domain. The Belgian Buildings Agency will then conduct a feasibility study.
The sp.a politician wants to make the group run an annual event, for as long as it takes to gain access to the park.

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