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The most bike-friendly cities in Belgium are Bruges and Hasselt


Test-Achats polled 4,500 residents from 12 Belgian cities last year and found out that Bruges and Hasselt are the most cycling-friendly cities in Belgium.
They stand out above the rest for their developed cycle path networks, ample bicycle parking and traffic safety statistics.
The survey also reveals that a third of city residents in Flanders bike to school, work or a shop, while more than half of the city dwellers in Wallonia never take the bike for short daily trips. The main reason is that most cities lack a large network of well-maintained cycle paths. About 71% of respondents believe that local government should invest more in cycling infrastructure.
Road safety is another major stumbling block for the urban cyclist, with 46% admitting they wouldn’t dare to venture out into the city by bike. Another 41% complained about the lack of facilities to store bicycles.

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