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Brussels will start pilot project of new car-sharing lane


A new car-sharing lane will be tested out on the E411 motorway into Brussels, reserved for vehicles with at least three people on board.

The pilot scheme will allow car-pool drivers to avoid traffic by using the existing bus and taxi lane instead. A similar test zone will be set up in the other direction near the Luxembourg border, where car-sharers will be allowed to drive on the hard shoulder.

The measure on the approach to Brussels is due to begin in mid-2018 and could be extended to other busy stretches of motorway if successful. Cars carrying fewer than three people risk a fine.

Wallonia transport minister Carlo di Antonio said: “No roadworks are needed – it just needs the approval of the Brussels and Flemish regions.”

The car-sharing lane heading into Luxembourg should come into force in 2019, as some resurfacing work is needed on the emergency lane.

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