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Surprise: two skeletons at Saint-Gilles building site


On Wednesday workers in Parvis de Saint-Gilles have found two complete skeletons, believed to be 300 years old.

They were digging holes to plant trees in front of the Brasserie Verschueren and found the bones 1 metre below.

A team of archaeologists from Brussels city heritage department was dispatched to the site and excavated the remains.

Archaeologist Sylvianne Modrie told L’Avenir newspaper that it was no great surprise to discover the skeletons as they were found close to the church, which would have once been surrounded by a cemetery.

Modrie said that skeletons will be fully examined to determine their sex, age and health, providing an insight into life in the commune during this period. She thought that they were probably two people relatively well-off because burial close to the church was expensive.

Following examination, the archaeologists hope the remains will be reburied in the church.

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