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Belgium’s candidate for Eurovision Song Contest


It’s official: Laura Groeseneken, an experienced musician and singer from Leuven, will represent Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest next year in Lisbon.

Flemish public broadcaster VRT chose Groeseneken, though the singer had never put her name forward as a candidate. “I was totally surprised because I thought you had to apply to be considered,” she said on the TV programme Van Gils & gasten.

Groeseneken first made waves in the local music scene in 2012 when she performed the song “Tomorrow Never Dies” with an orchestra during the 007 in Concert in Ghent recognising the 50th anniversary of the James Bond film franchise.

She proved her mettle again yesterday on Gils & gasten, performing an English-language version of last year’s Eurovision winner, “Love for Us Both”, live for the audience of the talk show.
She has also recorded an interview in English for the Song Contest’s website.


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