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Belgium’s new road safety campaign video


In this campaign speeding drivers have a face-to-face meeting with a parent whose child was killed on the roads.

Those ones who drived with a speeds up to 162kph were crying and in shock when they learnt that they are sharing the back-seat of a car with a bereaved parent.

The drivers were stopped on motorways and invited to take a part in a short filmed interview..

The video is a joint initiative between the Belgian federal police and the association PEVR, which represents parents of road victims.

PEVR president Alain Moreau, whose 12-year-old son died when his bicycle was struck by a car, said: “People tend to think that it only ever happens to others. Then, one day, a police officer rings your doorbell to announce that someone has ruined your life.”

The federal police hopes the video will also send out the message that speed limits do not exist purely to make money from fines.



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