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Places for children’s birthday party in Brussels


There are many interesting venues to celebrate kids’ birthday in Brussels

And here are some ideas:

Active Parties
ULB university in Ixelles or Adeps in Auderghe organise active parties for under-14s. Sporting activity with a birthday tea after that, with everything provided.

Bowling at Crosly Bowling from €14.20 per child, is excellent for all ages.

For older children, try Brussels Kart in Groot-Bijgaarden, from €28 per person.

Or if it’s wet, let them run wild at Forest’s indoor play extravaganza Stardust Park from €18 per child.

Creative celebrations
C.Ramic Café in Ixelles invites to have a workshop and to get a hand-crafted and painted pot or plate after celebrating. These parties, starting from €230 for 10 kids, include a choice of cake and drinks.

Lollipop, also in Ixelles, offers scrapbooking, wood decorating, karaoke and ceramics parties with birthday tea and treats (from €270 for 10 kids, with everything provided).

On the farm
La Ferme Nos Pilifs in Neder-over-Heembeek or central Brussels’ Maximilien park are cheaper alternatives to the big animal parks (from €120 for 15 kids at Maximilien park).

Both offer guided tours of the farm and activities including baking or apple-juice making. The Ferme Nos Pilifs package includes an eco-friendly tea.

Uccle’s Parc Sauvagère has a lovely mini-zoo and playgrounds and Auderghem’s Rouge Cloître complex has horses as well as three playgrounds and a cafe.

Just outside Brussels, the beautiful Huizingen provincial park has a year-round zoo as well as mini-cars, a boating lake and open-air swimming from May to September; you can sleepover afterwards in a log cabin.

Culture for kids
Almost all Brussels’ museums offer birthday packages for under-12s, featuring a guided tour or animation followed by tea provided by yourself or the venue.

Some of the most popular include the natural science museum and the Children’s Museum in Ixelles, and Saint-Josse’s charmingly retro Toy Museum.

Something different
You may also choose a mini-golf party in Schaerbeek’s Parc Josaphat, the miniature train rides at Le Petit Train de Forest in beautiful parkland or a Saturday morning film at Cinéma Vendôme’s (€2.50 per person including snack with your group’s seats reserved).


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