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Belgium will have a three-year warranty for household goods

Сonsumer affairs minister Kris Peeters has announced about the new legal guarantee period for household appliances sold in Belgium.

Belgium will have minimum three-year guarantee for household goods, instead of the current two years.

Belgian retailers’ federation Comeos has opposed the idea, saying shops will have no choice but to increase prices if the measure is passed. They say the federal government should instead be putting pressure on manufacturers to improve the quality of their goods.

Peeters said a longer guarantee aimed to “encourage the circular economy and extend the life of products”.

Increasing the legal warranty period to three years is part of a bigger plan to tackle the problem of “planned obsolescence” – where technology is deliberately built with a short shelf-life to make consumers buy a replacement.

Another measure involves reversing the burden of proof which, six months after purchase, currently requires a customer to prove that a fault is a due to a manufacturing defect and not due to misuse.


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