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Brussels residents will control city’s budget

The City of Brussels will let its residents to control a part of the municipal budget.

Brussels is following the similar initiative that already successfully implemented in Dublin, Lisbon, Madrid, New York, Paris, Porto Alegre and Reykjavic .

The City of Brussels will give a €200,000 portion for the particpatory budget and locals will be deciding how it will be spent.

Inhabitants discuss ideas in teams at open meetings and develop them into concrete projects with the help of volunteer experts and associations as well as private entities and the city. Then everyone in the city will have the opportunity to vote and eight projects will be realised.

This is the first time in Belgium that a city lets the citizens take complete charge of a part of the municipal budget and the process for creating the projects as well as the voting procedure.

Any resident of the city can participate. More practical info can be found on the City of Brussels website.

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