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Brussels will get new child benefit rates from 2020

Every child in the Brussels region will receive €150 per month from birth under the new system.

For an only child, this amount does not change throughout their childhood and is paid until they turn 24 – unless they continue in education.

For siblings, the amount increases to €160 at age 12 and €170 at age 24 if still studying. Top-ups are planned for households with an income below €31,000 a year and single-parent families with at least two children.

A “baby bonus” of €1,100 will be paid out on the birth of a first child, and €500 from the second child.

Brussels region minister-president Rudi Vervoort said: “Three quarters of the 168,000 families in Brussels that receive child benefit will receive more money from 2020 – and the rest will not lose out.”

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