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Lending library of household objects – Usitoo

If you need something of household objects for just a few days you may borrow it in Brussels’ new library of everyday objects instead of buying a new one

A cooperative called Usitoo has opened a warehouse in Anderlecht with 250 everyday household objects available to borrow.

The catalogue is going to contain uo to 1,000 items by the end of the year.

Users pay €9 a month or €50 a year upfront to access the library. The money is converted into points that can be redeemed for borrowed objects. Usitoo is responsible for delivery, maintenance and repair.

Usitoo co-founders Benoit Carion and Xavier Marichal said they came up with the idea after learning that the average Belgian household spends €1,500 a year buying items for infrequent use.

“Borrowing means fewer purchases and therefore less waste. No more things becoming obsolete,” the newly launched site says. The aim is to reduce the environmental impact of needless purchases, while also creating local jobs.

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