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Biological age of Belgians is six years older than their real age

The study, where 1900 respondents aged 20 to 65 years participated, was based on issues related to lifestyle and stress situations.

The questions involved eating and exercise habits, as well as number of hours of sleep a night and general feelings of well-being.

Analysis of answers shows that the average Belgian is biologically six years older than they really are.

The results are largely due to a lack of exercise. Nearly half of the respondents are considered overweight by medical standards. And 60% do not get enough sleep during the week.

One notable finding is that those at higher incomes levels, such as CEOs and managers, as well as the self-employed, score much better.

If you want to know your biological age, take the test using the link gelukkigebelgen.be/leeftijdsmeter (in French and Dutch).


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