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Diesel vehicles will be banned in Brussels region by 2030

The Brussels government has plans to ban all diesel vehicles within the region by 2030. The region’s environment minister, Céline Frémault, said such agreement had been reached with affected groups, including car manufacturers. Frémault said that, in the longer term, “the next step” after a disel ban would be a ban on petrol vehicles. The […]

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Biological age of Belgians is six years older than their real age

The study, where 1900 respondents aged 20 to 65 years participated, was based on issues related to lifestyle and stress situations. The questions involved eating and exercise habits, as well as number of hours of sleep a night and general feelings of well-being. Analysis of answers shows that the average Belgian is biologically six years […]

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Belgium needs more blood donors

The Red Cross in Belgium reported that its blood reserves are low and is planning a major promotional campaign in June to attract new donors before the summer holidays. To give blood in Belgium, you must be in good health, take a brief medical questionnaire, be aged 18-70 and weigh at least 50kg. You cannot […]

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First-aid training to get driving licence in Brussels

First-aid training will be a mandatory for passing driving test in Brussels from 1 November. The Red Cross will provide 20,000 free training sessions per year on how to care for a victim of a road accident before emergency services arrive. Learner-drivers will be taught how to react when a cyclist or pedestrian is struck […]

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McDonald’s pilot programme to ban straws from September

McDonald’s is going to ban the use of plastic straws at six Brussels restaurants. It is a part of a pilot programme following discussions with Brussels environment minister Céline Frémault. Outlets at Bourse, Rue Neuve, Docks Bruxsel, Cora Anderlecht, Bascule and Chaussée d’Ixelles will no longer offer plastic straws from September, according to RTBF. McDonald’s […]

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Special event by “Pool is Cool” on 1 June

A roundabout outside Brussels North rail station will be transformed into a beach with paddling pool for one day only on 1 June. Pool is Cool, the organisation dedicated to bringing outdoor swimming back to Brussels, is organising North Beach – an unusual afternoon and evening event “to show that urban swimming is fun and […]

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Dutch-owned retail chain Hema must pay €4.4 million to Levi Strauss

Brussels Commercial Court ordered Hema to pay €4.4 million to Levi Strauss for using stitching that was too similar to the international denim giant’s famous V shape. Levi’s back-pocket stitching has been a registered trademark since 1981. The company had originally filed a damage claim for €50 for each pair of jeans Hema sold. That […]

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New Air Belgium flight from Charleroi to Hong Kong at 3 June

New passenger flight from Charleroi to Hong Kong is ready to take off on 3 June, after a two-month delay. The new Belgian long-haul airline delayed its 30 April launch while it awaited permission to fly over Russian airspace. La Libre Belgique reports that the administrative procedure “dragged on” but has now been resolved. Chief […]

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The Port of Brussels has opened a new passenger terminal

New passenger terminal for Brussels cruise daytrippers has been opened by the Port of Brussels. The goal is to treble the number of cruise daytrippers visiting the city by 2030. The new €5.2 million terminal, which received 60% European funding, provides docking for ships that are too large to use the central Brussels canal. The […]

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Grimbergen monks want to brew own beer

The monks of Grimbergen Abbey, just outside Brussels, want to brew their own beer based on a centuries-old recipe. The beer currently known as Grimbergen is produced by mega-brewer Maes. Despite being called an ‘abbey beer’, it has never been brewed by monks or at an abbey. Launched in the 1950s, it simply carries the […]

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