Thank you for your interest in immigration to Europe as a business owner/ self-employed. It is the only legal way to reside in EU and to develop your activities.

Immigration is never an easy process.  There are many details. We can help you navigate and take the right decision.

If you have not yet filled in the questionnaire to get our free consultation please do so here.

Please see here the overview of our programs on Immigration 2020, how to apply, payment plans and other particularities.

To start the process it is best to provide us with a copy of your CV/ resume and of your passport. We will send you a proforma contract and proforma invoice.

Once payment is received we will send you the list of documents required. You will be able to apply in the embassy of the chosen destination country in the country where you live.
We are happy to liaise you with some of our clients that have obtained all documents with us.

We do not work on contingency basis, and a deposit of 3000 EUR must be made to start your process. It covers the administration costs. You pay the rest when your request will have been approved.

Please consider reading Frequently Asked Questions section of our website here.

Heres is the detailed information about costs to obtain a residence permit in Belgium.

If you have specific questions related the immigration process please contact us.


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